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Jordan Stilwell


Sacramento Territory Manager


My name is Jordan Stilwell, I have been in the HVAC industry just shy of 7 years. I originally started as a warehouse apprentice working for an HVAC contractor with zero experience. My first task was to build job boxes very similar to the ones we offer our partners today. As I gained in field experience, I gradually made my way from installation apprentice to a lead installer in just about a years' time, I spent 3 years in installation before transitioning to the office side of the business to create a new (SLIC) role my company did not have at the time. While dialing in the sales lead installation coordinator role, I was always intrigued by in field sales. After months had passed and the new SLIC role was very successful, it was time I passed that position on and started my career in sales. After a few good years in sales and while always working closely with Johnstone supply, I grew a great relationship with the counter staff and slowly but surely, they turned into friendships. At this point, I had gravitated toward the culture Johnstone supply had to offer which ultimately made me want to become a Territory Manager. The transition took some time, but I am proud to say I am a part of the Johnstone family. I look forward to nothing more than growing the culture that originally grabbed my attention and to build lifelong relationships with my teams. I have lived in Patterson CA just off highway I5 for almost 10 years after relocating from Culpeper Virginia where I was born and raised. When I have some down time, I enjoy going out for a round of golf with family and friends and spending quality time with the ones I care about. 

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