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Meet The Commercial Team

Commercial projects can be overwhelming with a lot to gain or lose. It is important to have support from a team you can trust. With value engineering and reliable contacts with years of experience and knowledge, you can overcome any situation you’re in. Avoid the slow lead times and additional costs with easy quote submissions and clear communication.

When you put your confidence in our team, you will add confidence in yours.

Call us for a job walk (661-747-7459)

Ken Gibbs

25+ years in the HVAC/R industry. Served in a variety of roles including service, construction, national accounts, dispatch and sales. Over the years I have enjoyed delivering solutions for my clients spanning 3 through 50-ton air conditioning, 40 to minus 80 or it makes ice. Currently in my 11th year with Johnstone Supply, I have grown from counter sales into full sales including commercial projects, sales and technical support and growth management. I am fortunate to serve on the Johnstone Commercial Alliance and Johnson Controls Navigator Council. I maintain certifications as an Application Specialist, NATE certified and Fujitsu’s Elite Champion covering both Halcyon and all stages of VRF technologies.

Ken Gibbs Commercial Project Sales Specialist.jpg

David Pryor

20 years in the HVAC/R industry, most of which has been served in Distribution. Worked with a contractor for a year and a half serving as a Comfort Advisor and Commercial Sales. I have a background in both Refrigeration and HVAC but my passion lives with HVAC and the businesses that are entrenched in it. Over the years I have held positions from the very bottom to inside sales, counter sales, outside sales and now Territory Management with Johnstone Supply. I have over 10 years of experience working with the Fujitsu line and am now fully immersed in their VRF products. Finding solutions to problems and redesigning the broken wheel are why I wake up in the morning.


Agustin Elenes

I have been working with Johnstone Supply Orion since March of 2015. In that time I have served as counter sales associate for 3 years then moved to Inside sales and did that for 2 years, during my inside sales time is when I began training in commercial under Ken. Finally last year I served 6 months as the Branch manager for Visalia and filled in for 6 months as the Fresno Branch manager. I look forward to learning and gaining experience in my new role as Commercial Projects Specialist

Agustin Elenes Commercial Sales.png

Rick Figuera

Rick attended Institute of Technology for HVAC back in 2016/2017 where he found a calling for HVAC and enjoyed learning the science behind it. After walking into Johnstone asking for a job, Rick has been with JSOG for a little over 6 years, starting in the warehouse as a temp driver to permanent driver, then to counter sales in Fresno, then Branch/Counter Manager in Livermore, and finally Commercial Specialist/Inside Sales Support. He has an eye for details so reading plans and specs are actually enjoyable for him. He has been though many courses (online and in person) such as blueprint reading, motor teardown, Fujitsu ETSD, and Airstage RAIT. “I believe as the distributor, we have an obligation to help the contractor with the right products and support.” He is a new father to a beautiful baby girl! Along with that he is: Application Specialist for Coleman Commercial (3-50 ton Unitary) Fujitsu VRF Certified (J and V series’)

Rick F.png

A message from Ryan Kalmbach, CEO Orion Group


Our passion at the Johnstone Supply Orion Group is to partner with our employees and our customers to help them to grow. Our mission is to make it easier for HVAC contractors to do business. For decades, we have partnered with growth-oriented and value-minded residential contractors to help them grow their businesses. We pride ourselves on being more than just "another supply house"; we work closely with our partners to help them to make more money, save time and have more control over their business.

Many of our existing partners who enjoy our world-class support on the residential side of the business, have asked us for years to expand our commercial capabilities to better support them. We invested primarily in three key areas to make it easier for the commercial contractor to do business:

1 - Inventory.
We invested heavily in commercial rooftop equipment, accessories, ductless, and VRF product. We now have $300k in stock locally, representing 116 units. In addition, we have access to 28 units in our Las Vegas Distribution Center; all available overnight and ready for 7AM pick up via our famous "First Call" service. I personally invite you to visit our expanded Fresno warehouse for a tour.

2 - Expertise.
Our commercial team has 75 years of combined HVAC experience with specialized factory training in commercial application design and start up. David Pryor is your dedicated Commercial Territory Manager, specialized on the commercial contractor. Ken Gibbs, is your Commercial Project Specialist, focused exclusively on quoting commercial projects. This team of service-minded professionals is driven to help you look like a hero with your customers.

3 - Training.
We have built a large, hands-on training lab that includes a focus on VRF and commercial equipment. HVAC technology, particularly in the commercial space, is rapidly changing. You need the ability for your team to easily access the knowledge they need to stay on the cutting edge. Learn More HERE about our training center.

We are excited to expand our capabilities to serve residential AND commercial contractors.


                                             Ryan Kalmbach
                                             CEO Johnstone Supply, The Orion Group

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