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Rules & Restrictions: Rebates

•Account must be paid to terms. Bill must be paid by the 10th of the following month to be considered current by JSOG definition.

•A 3-strike policy will be in place in 2023. Failure to keep your account current 3 times will result in a full loss of rebates and incentives. * code will be disabled for the “Buy Online” program

•A monthly meeting or check in with your TM is required to remain eligible for rebates and incentives. The purpose of this is to ensure you are on track to reach your sales goals and maximize your rebate potential. It also serves as an opportunity for the TM to check in on goals you have established for the year and how Johnstone can help you to achieve said goals.

•Should you “opt out” of your agreed upon rebate, no alternative will be offered in its place.

•Should you choose the Incentive Trip and want more than 1 trip for 2. Incentives will be paid on remaining funds after $300k for each trip is deducted.

•Incentive trip information.

In June - you will receive a phone call from a JSOG representative. This will be to check in on current sales tracking as it pertains to the Incentive Trip. At this time, you will either be on track to earn the trip or off track. During this call you will have a one-time opportunity to back out of the trip with no penalty. Should you choose not to back out and are tracking to be short of sales goal, you will be charged a “buy in fee” based on current year end sales expectation. After this call the trip will be non cancelable and can not be added back later in the year should you change your mind.

In December we will look at that tracking again. If you are closer to reaching your goal, your account will be credited. If you are tracking further away, you will be charged the difference.

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