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Uriel Hernandez


Modesto/Merced Territory Manager

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I started with Johnstone back in December of 2015. I had held a few jobs, before working with Johnstone. None HVAC related. None with real opportunity to grow. I would come to work all the time and do my best, often going unnoticed and having family members of the company pass me up with only being there a few weeks. I grew tired of it, let that get to me and affected my performance in the company I worked for. I was fired and having a family I needed to provide for I was panicking with what I was going to do.


After a month of working for Amazon, I came on with Johnstone as a warehouse/ delivery associate. At that point, I had no plans to be here long term. The job, like any other had its up and downs but I enjoyed it and always did my best. About a year and half later, circumstances threw me into the fire. I had to step into the counter position with no experience but with some JU Online training, guidance from my peers and a positive attitude I was able to pull through to help customers. During this time I learned that you can adapt to anything if you set your mind to it.

In 2017, after 2 years and some change of being with Johnstone I was approached by Jim Allen about the opportunity of becoming Branch Manager of the Modesto branch. I was hesitant, I had no plans on being here long term and I had no experience of being a manager. I didn't have a college degree, nor the HVAC experience I thought I needed to manage the store. Jim assured me that I had what I needed. The willingness to learn, the personality and getting s*it done was what he told me was he saw in me. Everything else would come with experience. I had a good solid run with being the branch manager that at this point I learned that good work ethic and a good attitude goes a long way.


I was branch manager for just over 4 years, when I was approached by Jim about taking over as the Modesto Territory Manager and again, even though I had been with Johnstone for several years and learned a lot, I did not feel that I had the skills to be in sales. Jim said it would be a natural transition, as I was already familiar with company processes, products, customers and again everything else would come with experience if I kept the same attitude as when I became manager. Throughout my career at Johnstone, I've "Imposter Syndrome", because I didn't feel like I had the skills or the ability to carry out what was being asked of me but with the right tools ,guidance and attitude, I have been able to make a career in an industry I would have never imagined I would have worked in.

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