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Commercial projects can be overwhelming with a lot to gain or lose. It is important to have support from a team you can trust. With value engineering and reliable contacts with years of experience and knowledge, you can overcome any situation you’re in. Avoid the slow lead times and additional costs with easy quote submissions and clear communication.

When you put your confidence in our team, you will add confidence in yours.

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Commercial Capabilities

Design Build

Whether you as the contractor are designing an HVAC system or you just need our guidance and recommendations, Johnstone is here to help. Our team can take what it is you’re requiring for the job and make it fit to our best Vendor profile available. We’re confident that we can supply you the necessary materials and equipment to get the job done and get it done right. Need help with Design Build? - Contact Your TM and/or Location


OEM Parts

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. OEM parts are the best option for replacement and or repairs. Because they use the original design specs and the same factory makes the part, which means there will be less of a discrepancy from part to part. Johnstone Supply has MANY relationships with key Vendors and Manufacturers that will allow us to service MANY of your OEM Parts needs. Need help with OEM Parts? - Contact our commercial team:



The Commercial Team at Johnstone is ready to assist you in the design, install and start-up on your VRF job/project. JSOG has an amazing relationship with Fujitsu and our team is fully capable of helping you take a VRF idea from inception to completion. We take pride in our ability to serve contractors not only as a distributor but also technically. You can feel comfortable reaching out to us in need of support in whatever way we can serve. Need help with VRF? Contact our commercial team:


Facility Maintenance

Facility maintenance is the process that keeps your commercial building running smoothly, from air filters to motors and belts, as well as cleaners. Periodic inspections are needed to maximize equipment life, reduce the risk of downtime, and comply with statutory obligations. We either stock or have ready access to the vendors that will help keep Commercial HVAC/R running at its peak Need help with Facility Maintenance? Contact our commercial team:


Our team at Johnstone can take on any project utilizing Unitary equipment. We have access to three-phase JCI unitary equipment that ranges from a 3 ton residential style cabinet to a 25 ton commercial cabinet and even a 40 ton boxcar. We can customize your needs directly from factory or you can choose from our broad selection of stock items between 3 and 12.5 tons. Give our team a call and find out what we can do you for you and your project. Need help with Unitary? - Contact our commercial team:


New Construction

Johnstone has several team members that can read blueprints, plans, RFI’s and all documentation required for new construction projects. Our vendors are aware of the traditional requirements and the impact that local and State codes have on our area. Information that could or would impact a project’s success is always shared forward to the contractor. Submitting a Bid to be ‘Equal or Exceed’ the spec is something JSOG has done many times when applicable. Our team is prepared for all job account management, pre-lien activities and most other financial documents required from projects in our complete service area. Need help with New Construction? - Contact our commercial team:



Johnstone offers a broad selection of JCI Unitary Equipment that ranges from 3 Tons to 12.5 Tons across three different models. JCI has direct replacement footprints to match popular early model Carrier equipment and our team is ready to offer you a quote in a speedy timeframe that matches Title 24 compliance. We have relationships with different vendors that offer aftermarket Coil Coatings to address any coastal salt concerns or other caustic environments. Need help with Replacement? - Contact our commercial team:



Johnstone has team members who have a solid understanding of the world known as ‘40 to minus 80 or it makes ice’. Our client base enjoys our ability to find controls and arrange accurate engineering of new walk-in coolers and freezers. We understand the myriad of uses across all segments of light to medium commercial businesses and the controls that could go along with them. Need help with Refrigeration? Contact Ken Gibbs @ 559-421-1226


Plan & Spec

Here at Johnstone we know what a time suck reading plans can be. Have you ever just wished someone else would do it for you? Give our team a call and see how we can help. Our relationship with JCI gives us the ability to often meet or exceed Spec on Unitary equipment and drop-ship to the jobsite when necessary. We always offer full Title 24 compliance unless requested not to. We like to think that we’re a One Stop Shop. Why go to one distributor for equipment and another for ductwork and another for registers? Give JSOG a shot and we’ll see if can supply the whole job from start to finish. Need help with Plan & Spec? - Contact our commercial team:


Boilers & Chillers

Johnstone understands that no two units or plants are the same. From the pairing of a chiller to its cooling tower or making a full system recommendation, we can do it. In most cases, time is of the essence and solid research is critical to getting the job done correctly. We possess the relationships with key vendors who specialize in the specific equipment and their accessories to create the best end-result. Having the ability to work with engineers directly (if required) is something that we pride ourselves on. Having access to your approved plans, general drawings, photos and most other medias through different technologies is something we’re ready for. Being familiar with local and State codes in regards to the Electrification of America and its impact on boiler sizing and vendor supplied options is always at the forefront. Don’t forget about the chemical requirements for this type of equipment. Everything from anti-scale to mold and even spore control for open or closed looped systems, JSOG can do it. Need help with Boilers & Chillers? Contact Ken Gibbs @ 559-421-1226



COVID-19 has changed the world of IAQ as we’ve all known it to be for so many years. Address IAQ on a day-to-day basis is now a ‘normal’ thing as a contractor. From every-day residential IAQ to commercial COVID-19 protocols and even Industrial CO and gas monitoring, Johnstone can do it. Reach out to our team and let us know what the application is so we can guide you in the right direction. Need help with IAQ? Contact our commercial team:



Aftermarket parts (also known as generic parts or non-OEM parts) are made by a manufacturer other than the original manufacturer. These parts are designed to perform the same function as the original part and can be used as replacements for the units’ original parts when doing repairs. We have the ability to order almost all Aftermarket parts that are available today. Need help with After Market? - Contact our commercial team:


Tennant Improvement

Johnstone has made relationships with Vendors over the years that gives us the ability to obtain whatever it takes to get your TI complete. Our team is ready to do your Take-Off for you!!! Give us a chance to give you a quote on your TI job without spending hours laboring over a material list and then obtaining prices. Or, give us the material list you’re looking for and allow us to utilize our over 1,000,000 square feet of warehouse inventory plus a nationwide network of distribution centers. Either way, we’re here to help. Need help with Tennant Involvement? - Contact our commercial team:



Here at Johnstone we are prepared to tackle the nuances of doing business in the Government Sector. We understand the importance of the packet that accompanies all bid requests and orders as well as its accuracy being a required need and can be a disqualifying issue depending on the agency. JSOG is very aware of which category we are most prominent in and can share it across many different agencies. Proper positioning in the market with regards to the Darfur Accord and any and all dealings outside of US borders is crucial. Be aware that certain vendors may disqualify themselves by having dealings against the Accord or its related policies. Many agencies have longer than normal lead to pay options and are never simply a NET-30 Client. Often, all agencies are tasked to work with the lowest bidder, no matter the class or size of the project. The author of the bid must be mindful of effective margins and add-ins affecting final cost to client agency. All agency bid requests come with a due date that is very rarely extended. The date and time is specific and we are mindful of vendor management with regards to these deadlines. Freight costs and special handling fees are always built into the cost of the items being bid unless an exception is made by the requesting party. We are aware of our due diligence and are prepared to work closely with all agencies for all of their HVAC/R & IAQ needs. To have a conversation about our willingness to serve, please contact Ken Gibbs @ 559-421-1226.

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