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Welcome To The Orion Group Training Center

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Contractors deserve to prepare their technicians for the industry in a classroom with real time feedback. As the only certified Ultra LoNox training center in the country, you will now be able to stay ahead of the curve and your competition. Your technicians will have the confidence to take on any job and build your brand reputation through their gained knowledge. This means making more money and saving more time to complete more jobs.

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HVAC Technician Scholarships

Save 20% off the tuition cost of the program by purchasing three spots at the same time.  Same training, same student teacher ratio, same hands-on program, same EPA certification and tools, but at as much at $5400 off the tuition cost.

And the scholarships NEVER expire.

Simply complete the form below to set your greenest techs up for success while saving some green.


Beth Cheap of Cooper Hawkins

I know he thoroughly enjoyed the class and the hands-on approach to the teaching style worked really well for him.

I feel like he has a good grasp of electrical, gas trane, basic sequence of operations, refrigerant cycle, proper tool usage for the job, etc. and I love that he left there with his EPA that was super great.

I know he's still not really comfortable with using his gauges, and is a bit hesitant with the refrigeration aspects(TXV'S, reversing valves, etc) but overall I think it was a great jumping off point for a very green HVAC mechanic and that he left with a much broader knowledge base than he started.

 I think this program worked well for us and would have future technicians in training go back.

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