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Gilroy Branch Team

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Gilroy is our newest branch, opening on May 2nd, 2022.  Our goal for the area is to increase support and resources for all contractors who utilize us in Salinas or have never bought from us before.  

The branch manager is Arnold Castaneda.  He has 16 years of experience in the HVAC trade.  He worked for several companies in the Bay Area, Union and non-union shops.  For the past couple years, he was looking for an opportunity to work in the office and out in the field, putting bids together and job walks.  He was given the opportunity to work for Johnstone Supply and use his knowledge and customer service experience to be an asset for our customers.  When he's not working, Arnold likes spending time with his kids and riding horses.

Steve, a Gilroy resident, is a hardworking team member at Johnstone Supply, passionate about trains, music, Disney history, and tinkering. With a background in automotive retail, Steve enjoys woodworking and metalworking, and has built a cargo deck for his ride-on trains. Additionally, Johnstone Supply offers a much more approachable atmosphere and a better work-life balance. With a bachelor's degree in global business management and an associate's degree in business administration, Steve aims to be a leader amongst a small team, enabling individuals to develop and flourish in their careers. He also aims to live with his partner and achieve success within the company.

Gilroy #559
8871 Muraoka Dr.

Gilroy, CA 95020

(408) 680-0697

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Andrew Arias


Salinas & Gilroy Territory Manager

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